Volunteer Management Training Workshops


More and more museums and visitor service organisations are now turning to volunteer support and volunteers are currently required to offer their services across many areas of work within the organisation, from retail, to visitor services, administration and curation. Volunteers are an excellent resource and should be applauded for the time and effort they give to our organisations, however like all ‘personnel’, volunteers need to be supported by proper infrastructure in the form of policies, recruitment and training; and staff in museums need to be well trained in how best to manage and support this cohort of people.

To this end National Heritage launched a series of workshops for Museum staff, in association with NADFAS, BGEN and Historic Houses Association to disseminate best practice about volunteer recruitment, management and development. It is hoped that this will build expertise amongst museum staff.

The Spearkers’ Notes are available free of charge after each workshop to delegates who attend the workshop. If you are unable to attend the workshop, the Speakers’ Notes are available for purchase – please go to Friends page page, complete the payment form, despatch by email or by post to Liz Moore and a link will be sent to you on receipt of payment. If you incur any difficulties or have any questions please email lizATlizmDOTeclipseDOTcoDOTuk.

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